Christmas at Gaylord Rockies 2021

*This is a sponsored blog post. I was hosted by Gaylord Rockies in exchange for my honest review.*

This year we were honored to be hosted at Gaylord Rockies again for their third annual Christmas at Gaylord Rockies event and it was exceptional per usual. It was quite the experience with all the traditional outdoor fun with new additions that we very much enjoyed.

The full size candy bars offered to guests at the front desk were a huge hit with our group!

We stayed in the deluxe suite which was nothing short of amazing! A separate sleeping area, a pullout sofa, a breakfast nook, large shower, huge tub, and an amazing view of the LIGHTS display area! I fully recommend this room for larger families like ours.

The really cool addition to this trip that we didn’t experience last year was the outdoor heated pool! Which lets face it, with kids, this is is an amazing inexpensive option to enjoy. I mean who doesn’t want to swim in the middle of December, am I right?

We also enjoyed the Cirque Dreams show which was quite amazing! Juggling, balancing, beautiful outfits, acrobatics, double dutch jump roping and so many other amazing things! This was not offered last year and was great for all ages, as my fourteen year old nephew really enjoyed it too! It’s always nice to have options for the older children in the group.

Mission: Save Christmas featuring Elf was a favorite of the twins (age 6) and I recommend this activity for the younger members of the group. It was like walking through the movie and had lots of interactive areas the little ones enjoy.

While walking around we enjoyed adventuring down to Mistletoe Village for Auntie Anne’s pretzels, the gift shop and Build- A- Bear. The kids all saved their money and were really excited to spend it there on new companions. I also loved having the Starbucks options at the market as well as an area closer to the snow activities for those of us that need the caffeine!

The room service was a great option for the kids and so convenient. I loved all the options and being able to order things at various times throughout the stay. The market and eating options inside the resort can also be charged to your room if you’re wanting to get some snacks or meals while on the go and not walking around with your wallet.

Of course, we enjoyed the traditional fun of the outdoor activities as well! Snow tubing is a fun one for everyone and I love that this year they replaced the stairs with a walk up ramp. This made carrying the tubes up much easier. The snow merry go round and snow bumper cars were also enjoyable for the group. One addition to this outdoor area was the Snowdrift mini golf which again was an an enjoyable activity for kids and adults alike.

Overall, we had a blast, and really appreciate all the staff for accommodating us the week of Christmas. We are so grateful for all of their hard work. Thanks Gaylord Rockies for helping us create amazing family memories at such a beautiful location. I can’t wait to come back again next year!

Head on over to my Instagram page: and check out my Highlight area “Gaylord Rockies 2021” for more pictures of this trip. Also, be sure to check out the @GaylordRockies Instagram page as well. I hope you enjoyed this post, and have an amazing New Year!

Affordable Easter Baskets for Multiple Kids

I always see these super chic and adorable Easter baskets on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. With one kid, I could definitely swing it, but now with three it’s just not always possible (or necessary) to splurge on expensive items like that. I also rarely have the time to plan that much in advance, let’s be honest… this twin mama life is wild!

I decided to put together this blog post to give you some ideas of affordable items to add to your baskets!


Baskets: $9 each (Honestly the most expensive part of the whole thing. I saw some between $3-5 but I want to re-use these ones so I opted for the more expensive ones this year.

Books: $5-8 each (I waited until they went on sale, there was a 25% off sale!

Paint your own flowers wood set: $5 each (I only bought one to put one flower in each basket since we have tons of paint here at home. You could do one per kid but they are big packages so I didn’t have room for them in the baskets!

Candy: Sour Patch Kids Eggs $1 each, Ring Pops $1.99 for a pack of 4, gummy bears individual packs $1 each, Nerds rope $1 each.

Then of course you know I had to stop at the dollar tree to fill the rest of the baskets!

Dollar Tree:

Easter eggs $1 for pack of 12

Faux grass: $1 each (There was a lot more inside than I realized so I only needed 2 packs for all 3 baskets)

Chocolate caramel bunnies: $1 each

Airhead minis: $1 for a pack of 12

Colored Pencils: $1 each

Crayons: $1 each

Disney Character Cups: $1 each

I didn’t put any toys in the basket this year because the kids have this thing about picking their own stuff out and I love to empower them to make their own choices. I will be adding a small target gift-card for them to pick out their own item instead.

I spend about $100 total on three Easter baskets for my kids. I think that’s pretty great and hope you do too. Remember, that it’s not the stuff inside the baskets that sticks with them over the years, instead it’s the moments, experiences, and memories of being together most. ✨

Valentine’s Day Hand Pies

Well, I was very stumped this year on what treat to make the kids for Valentine’s Day. Thankfully, I have very talented friends who inspire me daily. Thanks to my friend Melody: I used one of her great recipes from last year! So here it is, I hope you enjoy it and check out her amazing page in the process!


  • 1 box of refrigerated pie crust
  • 1 can of pie filling (I used apple and strawberry and just doubled the amount I made)
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tbsp milk
  • sprinkling sugar
  • Heart shaped cookie cutter
  • Also, make sure you have a rolling pin, cookie sheet, kitchen shears, basting brush and parchment paper on hand


Take the pie crust out and unroll it. Then use your cookie cutter to cut out the most hearts as possible. I was able to get 8 (there were two pie crusts in the box I bought) Make sure you make an exact match for the tops and the bottoms of the pies. Set those aside.

Crack the egg into a bowl and add the milk. Mix that together and keep it nearby at this will be your egg wash. Place half the hearts on the parchment paper lined cookie tray and brush the edges with the egg wash, using the basting brush.

Spoon a small amount of the pie filling into the center of the hearts, making sure to use less of the jelly and more of the fruit (to prevent it from spilling out)

Next bring out the other half of the hearts you set aside. You will use your kitchen shears to cut small “X’s” in the middle of these, before placing them on top of the pie filled hearts. Make sure the x cuts aren’t too big, so the heart shape will stay in place.

Place the tops onto the bottoms of the hearts gently. Next, use a fork to crimp the edges shut. Wipe away any excess spilling of the pie filling.

Paint the tops with egg wash and and sprinkle the sprinkling sugar on top. This was the kids favorite part!

Place the pies in the oven at 350 degrees for 16 minutes. They should be golden brown.Let cool and eat immediately! That’s it!

Her recipe was so easy to follow and turned out amazing. This is definitely an easy treat to have the kids help with! I will save this under the “Yummy” tab on my Instagram highlights tab. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, and have a great Valentine’a Day weekend!

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My Journey to Finding the Right Mattress For My Body & My Smaller Room

*Sponsored by Lull*

 Daniel and I recently decided to get a new mattress when we started re-styling our bedroom. The process of researching a mattress that can fit in a smaller room and has great reviews was tough until we ultimately stumbled upon Lull. With everything going on, I was a little hesitant to get a new mattress in a traditional retail store at this time, but Lull offers no contact, free delivery right to my doorstep. This made getting a new mattress the easiest and safest buying process. Not only that, but the mattress was really easy to unbox and it took only a few minutes. I could hardly believe that a California King size mattress could fit in that small box! 

I have back pain and it can be hard for me to sleep through the night when I don’t have a good mattress. My quality of sleep after switching to Lull has been transformed. Lull Mattresses are made of 3 layers of the highest quality foam, including a gel top layer.  That gel top layer transfers heat away from the body, which helps me to not wake up sweaty or really hot halfway through the night. It also has the right firmness for my back, soft but not too soft and firm but isn’t too firm that it’s uncomfortable. It also bounces back so you don’t feel like you’re stuck or sinking in, while also ensuring even motion distribution so a partner or pet doesn’t wake you up in the middle of the night with their movement. I’ve had that experience with other mattresses and hated it. Usually mattresses are harder for me to get comfortable on since I sleep on my side but that hasn’t been the case with my Lull Mattress. The three-layer technology even promotes healthy spine alignment for added support and more comfortable nights. I’ve started to feel very well rested when waking up in the morning and normally that’s rare! My husband sleeps on his stomach and has the same pleasant sleeping experience. It’s nice to know that no matter what your sleep position is, Lull Mattresses support your body in all the right places.

Not only does my Lull give me the best sleep ever, but it also helped me style my smaller room.

Styling a smaller room can be a challenge, but I have five tips to style up your bedroom while keeping things minimal and inviting.

1. Find the right mattress.We decided to have the mattress/bed be the main focus of our room, because our room really is our sanctuary area of our home. It’s the only room the kids don’t go in and usually the place we curl up and enjoy each other’s company reading, watching movies together etc. Since it isn’t an entertaining area, and instead our relaxing area, we decided on a California King size Lull Mattress to be the focal point of our bedroom.

2. Add another piece of furniture in the room. We went with two smaller end tables. Even with the mattress size we selected, we were able to fit two end tables and have a walking around space. Simple and comfortable was my theme for this room. 

3. Plants make everything better. They help you breathe better, improve your mental well-being and make any room more comfortable. We put our indoor Pothos plant on one of the end tables and it really brightens up the room. I also plan to add a couple of hanging plants to the room in the coming weeks.

4. Add in small home decor items. Find items that are on theme with your room but don’t overpower it, I won’t add anything else except maybe a canvas print on the wall, since I have extensive decor around my house and this room is more simplistic.

5. Keep warmer tones for smaller rooms to open them up. I love tans, browns, light grey, and if you like brighter colors I recommend using softer shades of pink, yellow, blue, green. The bedding I landed on is an earthy green set.

Those are my tips for styling a smaller room! Finding the right mattress for the room was made easy with Lull. I love that this company offers a 365 night risk-free trial, free shipping and returns. I felt at ease knowing that if I didn’t love my Lull Mattress, Lull would give me a full refund. When making a big purchase, it’s so important to feel like the brand respects the aspects mentioned above.  Lull clearly believes in their products by offering these risk-free guarantees and that makes them stand out even more to us, the customers. Not to mention they have over 37,000 raving reviews – I knew I was choosing a mattress that other people are obsessed with and now I am too! A 95% customer satisfaction rate is hard to achieve but they have, so I felt confident I’d love my Lull

Another important aspect to me is that Lull Mattresses are CertiPUR-US®-Certified,which means all materials are non-toxic and non-carcinogenic. As a mama that puts an emphasis on the importance of non-toxic products in my home, this was a huge reason to select Lull over other brands. I would totally recommend Lull to my friends and family because it’s a great company that respects its customers, has great terms, affordable monthly payments options, offers a 10-year limited warranty, provides quality products and believes in those products too. Overall is this  just a wonderful brand! You can order your own Lull Mattress here

Gaylord Rockies- The Perfect Family Christmas Vacation

*This is a sponsored blog post. I was hosted by Gaylord Rockies in exchange for my honest review.*

Wow, where to begin. Have you ever watched a Christmas movie and seen the incredible resort, snow centered activities and winter gear and just wished you were transported there? Well I was, when I visited the Gaylord Rockies Resort and Convention Center in Aurora, Colorado. I truly feel as though I was in a Hallmark movie.

The drive up to the resort is absolutely breathtaking. The road is covered in lit up trees all the way up to the driveway. The valet and bellhops were very nice and so helpful with checking in. Once I reached the front desk I was given a document highlighting the added hotel activities (S’mores on the patio, Disco night, and tokens to redeem cookies or an adult beverage at various spots around the hotel).

Once we were all settled in, in our suite on the 11th floor we were in awe. The deluxe suite comes with a separate living area and sleeping area, as well as with a kitchenette (including a fridge and sink) This was exactly what we needed to store extra snacks and food for the kids. Keep in mind, the deluxe suite only has a shower so if you have little ones that need a bathtub be sure to request a different room. Our kids are five and more than capable of taking showers so this room worked wonderfully for us!

The first night there was story time with Mrs Claus, and I love Christmas movies which was a pop-up walk through of some amazing Christmas movies. Our favorites were Elf, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and Polar Express.

The next day we started the morning with Snoopy’s Scavenger Hunt where we went to the lobby and were given booklets for the kids with clues and stickers associated with the scavenger hunt all around the hotel. It was both fun and challenging. My five year olds were just as much into it as my ten year old and husband. We all worked together to finish it. At the end, we took the completed booklet to the box office to claim our prizes: Build your own Snoopy dog house. Definitely one of our favorite activities and I love how interactive it is!

We then changed into our snow gear to head outdoors! The first thing we did was the snow tubing slide. This was very fun! Carrying the tubes up the stairs was a little challenging since the twins couldn’t quite carry theirs, but once we reached the top we were stoked. The slide is amazing and something I fully recommend you try when visiting. The snow tubing slide and the ice skating are all day events. You are given a wristband to wear for re-entry up until 9 p.m. The snow merry go round and Ice bumper cars are one time rides so you will have to purchase multiple tickets to ride multiple times. We spent the morning doing these activities and were wiped out by the afternoon. We returned to our room for lunch and rest before heading to our gingerbread decorating event at 4 p.m.

We went back outdoors with our wristbands still on for extra snow fun! This was definitely the highlight of the trip. We stayed until about 8 p.m. and then headed to make smores on the patio! This was a first for the twins and such a cute setup! There were separate seating and fire pits to practice safe social distancing and (each room) was given two bags filled with chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows as well as sticks to hold over the fire. Such a sweet thing to include with your hotel stay.

Very close nearby there was “Lights!” the path all lit up with amazing lights. We decided now was the perfect time to follow the trail and see the beautiful display, It was a perfect end to a beautiful night.

The next morning we didn’t have anything planned and it was very nice. We reflected on our favorite parts of the trip, packed and got ready to hit the road. Check out time was 11 and we had more than enough time to check out. I also loved how you can check out on your television, and drop the room keys and parking pass into a drop box on your way out of the self- parking area. This is very convenient (especially with kids).

Overall I would say this was a perfect Christmas vacation. With enough things for the kids to do, while also including activities for adults so the whole family can truly spend time together. We are already planning our trip back next year and I would definitely recommend you do the same!

Head on over to my Instagram page: and check out my Highlight area “Gaylord Rockies” for more pictures of this trip. Also, be sure to check out the @GaylordRockies Instagram page as well. I hope you enjoyed this post, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate with Homemade Whipped Cream

If homemade hot cocoa sounds like something you’d like to try and you live for salted caramel sauce and whipped cream from scratch this is the recipe for you!

Homemade Salted Caramel Hot chocolate:

1/2cup sugar
1/2 cup cocoa powder
1/2 cup chocolate chips
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 cup hot water
4 cups of milk
1/4 tsp vanilla
1/4 tsp cinnamon

Homemade Whipped cream and salted caramel sauce recipes below:

In a med/large pot on the stovetop (med/high heat) pour in hot water, sugar, cocoa powder and salt- whisk well. Add chocolate chips, whisk well until melted. Add milk and whisk again until well combined. Add vanilla and cinnamon then top with your whipped cream and caramel sauce! Serve and garnish!

Homemade Salted Caramel:
1 cup light brown sugar, packed
2 Tbsp unsalted butter
1 tsp sea salt
or to taste
1/2 cup half and half or use equal parts heavy cream and milk
1 Tbsp vanilla extract

Combine all ingredients in a small/medium saucepan and simmer over low heat, whisking constantly or until thickened and no longer watery (6-9 min). Keep in mind it thickens more as it cools. Serve warm, at room temperature or chilled

Homemade whipped cream:

1 pint heavy whipping cream (COLD) (2 cups)
½ cup powdered sugar
1 tsp pure vanilla extract

Use the wire whisk attachment to a hand-held mixer, and beat the ingredients together, starting on low speed and increasing to high slowly as it begins to firm up.

Beat for 1-2 minutes until stiff peaks form. Stopping once halfway through to scrape down the sides of the bowl.

Transfer mixture to a piping bag to pipe into hot chocolate.

Add your homemade Salted Caramel Sauce on top and you’re all set! I hope you liked his recipe! Also check out my Instagram @gypsyheartedmama for #nationalhotcocoaday and click the hashtag #hotcocoamamas to see how my other blogger friends created their hot cocoa too! 🥰

Holiday Cookies in a Tin

I’m always stumped on what to give teachers for the holidays. Starbucks giftcard seems a little too generic, but with three kids I don’t want to break the bank either. Since baking is my new go- to the kids and I decided to bake cookies. We found these super cute tins at the dollar tree and we will fill them with fresh baked cookies to bring to their teachers the last day before winter break.

I would RUN to your nearest Dollar tree, as these cute tins won’t last long.

I have also included a festive double chocolate mint cookie recipe below, but feel free to get creative with the cookies you include (maybe ask your child’s teacher to make sure there are no allergies or even just what their favorite cookie is) I hope this gets your brain moving and at the very least gives you a starting place on what to gift those amazing teachers and mentors in your life!

Double Chocolate Mint Cookies


  • 1 cup all-purpose flour spooned and leveled
  • 2/3 cup cocoa powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 10 tablespoons unsalted butter softened (1 stick plus 2 tablespoons)
  • 3/4 cup packed brown sugar (If you like a less sweet option, 1/2 cup would work!)
  • 1/4 cup granulated sugar
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla
  • 1 cup mint fudge flavored chocolate chunks


  • Whisk together the flour, cocoa, baking soda, and salt. 
  • In a large bowl beat together the butter and sugars until fluffy.
  • Add the egg and vanilla and continue mixing until combined. Turn off the mixer and scrape down the sides of the bowl.
  • Slowly mix in the dry ingredients on low speed until incorporated. 
  • Turn off the electric mixer and stir in the chocolate chunks. You can also set aside a 1/4 cup of chocolate chunks for sprinkling on top
  • Cover the bowl and chill in the refrigerator for 3 hours or up to 48.
  • When ready to bake, preheat the oven to 350F degrees. Line 2 cookie sheets with parchment paper and take the dough out of the fridge for 10-15 minutes to warm up slightly. 
  • Form dough into balls 3 tablespoons in size and place 3 inches apart on baking sheets. (Or form into balls of 1 – 1.5 tablespoons in size and place 2 inches apart). 
  • Bake cookies for 11-13 minutes until the tops are just set (or 8-10 minutes for smaller cookies). Remove from oven and let cool on the tray for 10 minutes before transferring to a wire rack to continue cooling. Sprinkle the remaining Mint chunks right on top before cooled. That’s it!

I hope this gives you some good inspiration on gifts for those teachers and mentors in your life. I’ve also included a cute mug (okay, basic gift is included lol) with a coffee and cookie too I’d you think the cookies isn’t enough. These little sets are $9 at Walmart and so cute! The perfect finishing touch!

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Thankful For…

This year has been a rollercoaster to say the least. It’s had us all take a deep look into our lives and forced us to confront some very uncomfortable topics. I see so much divide on social media and just in general, but on the opposite side of that I’m grateful for so much.

I wanted to shake things up and just say what I’m most thankful for right now and that is great relationships. I say relationships over family/friends because there are people in my life I’m thankful for and it isn’t always the traditional “family” you would think.

As we speak, it’s an emotional morning. My baby sister flew out to Nebraska on Monday and is at the airport flying home. Life is just so full of bittersweet moments. How cool though to think that my twenty year old sister could take a plane ride anywhere and she chose to be here with us…THANKFUL. The kids love her, she’s such a sweet and loving sister and I couldn’t be happier to be her big sis.

We moved here under a year ago and we’ve had almost every member (my baby sister has been here twice now) of our immediate family visit. That’s so crazy to me, I feel so loved and just so THANKFUL.

There are quite a few challenges of living in a state and not knowing many people, Our best friends who we moved here for are amazing though. They help with the day to day stuff when our families are so far and the love and support is just wonderful….THANKFUL.

I know the kids miss California. They mention it often. But I believe wholeheartedly this is where we are meant to be right now. Life is all about seasons and chapters of our lives. Nebraska may not be our final chapter but it’s a good one for right now. I look around at what we’ve gained as a family since being here and it’s truly amazing….We just wouldn’tt have this time together if we were still in CA and for that i’m THANKFUL.

Another thing we’ve gained is having actual seasons! We enjoyed the hot summer and swam the days away, experienced the cooler Fall temps and leaves changing and falling, and were so excited at the first snowfall last week…THANKFUL.

We’re all healthy. Man isn’t that a big one these days? I mean with everything going on around us and just really looking at what we have health is high up on the list of things to be THANKFUL for.

And last but certainly not least Jesus! I mean my faith has helped me out of so many devastating periods in my life, To know that I can look to God for peace, comfort, and loves the most amazing feeling. I’m just so THANKFUL for my relationship with God.

I literally could go on all day, because I have learned that in every hardship or trial in your life, there are five other things to be THANKFUL for. Try to remember that when things get hard. Perspective is everything and having a grateful heart will get you through even the worst days and the hardest of times.

After School Halloween Snacks

I’m always running out of ideas for after school snacks. So I decided to make it a fun afternoon preparing for Halloween, and keeping the snacks on theme! Cookie spiders and tangerine pumpkins is what seemed the easiest! Read below for a semi sweet and semi healthy afternoon/after school snack idea!

What you need:

Cuties Tangerines

Green M&M’s

Pretzel sticks



Candy eyeballs (Walmart is where I purchased mine)

That’s it!

Tangerine Pumpkins:

First you will peel your tangerine, then break a pretzel stick in two and stick one price in the middle of the tangerine opening, next stick the green m&m right next to the pretzel stick. First snack all done!

Cookie spiders:

Open your Oreo container take one out, then take a few pretzel sticks and break them in half, stick the pretzels inside the Oreos (four on each side) to act as the eight spider legs. Then put a small amount of Nutella (or whatever you may have at home to act as glue: melted chocolate works too) on the back of the candy eyeballs. Stick the candy eyeballs on the Oreos, pressing down lightly to make them stick. Then you’re done!

This fun Halloween snack idea is yummy and will be a big hit for the kids! I hope you enjoyed it!

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Christmas Gift Guide- Childen’s Books

Oh man. Less than three months away from Christmas and I’m blown away. As wild as this year was, it definitely flew by. So naturally, it’s time to start creating those Christmas lists! We all know what toys our own kiddos are interested in, so I didn’t want to create a guide about toys. Instead, being the bibliophile that I am, a book guide seemed perfect. Keep reading for some ideas on what new and classic books I recommend for kids up to age 10!

  1. Stellaluna

This was my ultimate favorite book as a child! About a bat that gets separated by her family and taken in by a bird, this adventure is a great one! It’s all about friendship and acceptance of differences.

2. Corduroy

This book is definitely a classic! About a bear looking for a home and friends in a big department store. it’s such a great one to teach friendship, hope and of course love.

3. The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This one you may already have in your collection but may be a great choice for a new baby in the family, or possibly to gift to a friend with a little one. About well, a very hungry caterpillar! This book goes through as the caterpillar grows and eats tons of yummy foods until it grows into a beautiful butterfly. This is a great one teaching growth and transformation as well as teaching young readers numbers, colors, and insect biology!

4. Room on the Broom

With Halloween around the corner this one seemed like an obvious fun one to include on the list! About a witch that loses various items and her friends help her find them and save her from danger! A true lesson on friendship and being helpful.

5. Guess How Much I Love You

This book was my little sister’s favorite book when we were little. This book goes through using larger and larger measurements to describe just how much they love each other. it’s a simple and sweet book to gift someone you love.

6. The Office: A Day at Dunder Mifflin Elementary

Okay you guys. I don’t think i’ve ever been THIS excited about a children’s book like ever. Last but certainly not least: Office fans, now you have a book get your little one involved in the obsession lol. This book stars Michael Scott as the line leader at Dunder Mifflin Elementary! This book is a perfect gift and teaches that everyone needs help sometimes!

I will be adding to this list so check back for a guide including some picks for the older children as well!

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