Dinosaur Adventure

In my last post I talked about finding differences between our twins and letting their individuality shine. One thing we’ve noticed is that Jax loves dinosaurs. So naturally, we had to have a dinosaur adventure for him!

If you live in the South Bay Area of Southern California, you may be familiar with two new awesome dinosaur places! The first one is called Wonder of Dinosaurs, located inside the Galleria mall in Redondo Beach. This place is definitely designed for ages 10 and under, as most of the activities are jumpers, mini golf, coloring and definitely fun- sized!

The pricing is Monday- Friday $16 per child ages 2-12 and $8 for ages 12 to adult. Saturday and Sunday the prices are $18 for children 2-12 and $10 for 12- adult.

Of course I have a deal for you though! Mom of three here (I’m always looking for a good deal!) If you visit during Happy- O- Saurus hour (which we did) the price is $10 per child and only $3 per adult. This is Monday- Friday from 6 to 8 pm. The two hours of play was a perfect time frame for our kids.

For those of you with younger kids, they have a Tot- A- saurus hour deal offered Monday- Thursday from 10- 12 pm for the same pricing too! This one is for kids ages 2-5 so those little ones have a chance to have fun too and not be out past bedtime!

All three kids had a blast! Here are some pictures of what you can expect when you go:

This is a museum of dinosaurs on your way in! Walk quickly if you have little ones that are afraid of replicas and darker areas. We learned the hard way.
This is the first level, where the rides and activities cost extra. You walk through here for the elevator to the next floor up, which is where the activities and rides are that are included in your ticket.
Mini Golf was the favorite activity amongst all three kids!

There were lots of inflatables and jumpers, which my kids absolutely love!
Jax was not as fan of jumping near the dinosaurs at first but slowly warmed up to it.
This is the “Get a picture quick mom,” face!
This was a super cute maze for the kids, Jax had a blast running in and out of here!
This was a cool little fountain of water with mini rocks at the end, the kids all love rocks, so they were here for quite some time!

The kids could dig for fossils in this area, so fun!
A great incentive to share your pictures on your social media platforms!
Most of the rides cost extra, and are located downstairs, but this one was available with the cost of admission upstairs, and Raine loved it.
He also rode this one! I got a really cute video I’ll post to Instagram soon.
This was another ride, the kids didn’t want to attempt.
The decor was really fun!
There were lots of chairs and tables around, which was nice for the adults to be able to sit while supervising. Coloring pages and crayons were also available!
This was one of the rides downstairs, available an an extra cost.
This was another one offered at an extra cost.

Overall, this was a great experience and our kids (ages 4-8) had a blast!

Daniel also had a blast!

Okay so the second place we visited on our dinosaur adventure was called Sweetosaur, a dinosaur themed ice cream shop! This place was located inside the Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance, CA. About a 10 minute drive from the first place.

There is a very extensive and extravagant menu, but you can also just order a single scoop too.
Lots of fun games and toys available to purchase!
Watermelon Sorbet for Raine.
Ube (Japanese Sweet Potato flavor) for the twins to share, as the portion sizes are very large!
Daniel and I shared the ChurroZilla Wafflesaurus Rex! It was amazing, and the waffle was super doughy.

They have lots of yummy flavors, dinosaur shaped waffle cones, a dinosaur ride, and a section of toys and gifts that can be purchased. It was the perfect ending to our adventure! Q2

I would definitely recommend these two places if your kids are as dinosaur obsessed as mine are, and if not, both of these places are still great new additions to the South Bay and worth checking out!

-Gypsy Hearted Mama

6 thoughts on “Dinosaur Adventure

  1. What a fun place! My husband and I were actually born in Brea but moved to Arkansas four years ago. We don’t miss the traffic but there sure is a lot to do in SoCal, especially with kids


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