Nebraska, Nebraska I love you!

Okay, I know the title of this blog post is actually a rip off of a Lady Gaga verse (Can you name the song?) Anyway, it’s also a great segue into OUR NEBRASKA MOVE!

Yes, California friends and family: We are moving to Nebraska. I say that because whenever I’ve brought this topic up to anyone where we live now, it’s as if I said we were moving to Mars. There are tons of reasons for us to move out of California right now, and although I know I don’t have to share them, I feel most people would like to know. So here are 5 major reasons why we are going:

  1. God is guiding us there
  2. Our best friends live there.
  3. Family Values
  4. The kids are young
  5. Cost of living

So number one: Daniel and I pray about ALL major decisions we make for our family. It’s just something we do, and aren’t going to change anytime soon. God guides our family, and Daniel and I are having faith in the signs he has given us! It’s really that simple!

Onto number two: Our best friends live there, I mean come on! It’s very hard to find friends who are married and have kids when you are young parents yourself. Statistics say that Daniel and I shouldn’t even still be together (teen mom and all) let alone, know another married couple (with a child) who we have so much in common with. We are so fortunate to move somewhere where we have love, support, and our friends who went through the same thing; Leaving all they know in CA for a simpler life in NE. Thanks so much Mel and Ced, we love you!

Number three might offend some people, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take. Family time is so important to Daniel and I. We’ve both hustled HARD for our family. Five years of straight school for me, missing dinner and bedtime routines with my kids and sometimes days off with Daniel. He has worked two jobs at times to support us during all this and missed out on a lot of the early things with Raine too. Now I know it isn’t going to just magically happen, us having more family time. Unfortunately where we are now, those old fashioned family values are just not here. I can’t wait for Daniel, myself, and the kids to have the same schedule, and being able to enjoy quality family time. These kiddos of ours are only going to be young for a short time, and I’m not willing to sacrifice time with them for the “rat race” lifestyle expected of us here, sorry not sorry.

Number four is a no brainer for me. The kids are still young enough that a move like this will be sad, but not completely miserable. They are young enough that they can make friends quickly, and the other kids haven’t necessarily found their cliques yet (yes they exist, and I’m not going to be naive about it.) I moved A LOT growing up, (in all stages) and my elementary school moves were a lot easier. I made friends a lot quicker than I did when I moved in middle school or high school. We’ve also explained to the kids about our big adventure coming up, and they are looking forward to a bigger house, and our first white Christmas the most!

For number five, I just know someone will argue with me about, but here it goes. The cost of living is way less out there in NE. Yes the cost of living is based on lots of things, but for us: a kitchen manager and recent B.A. graduate, the fact that we can’t afford a quality lifestyle out here is pretty ridiculous. My brother jokes the reason it’s so cheap is because it’s a “flyover state.” But in all honesty, having kids has totally changed both of our mindsets on what we truly need in this life. We are looking forward to a quieter, cheaper, simpler life. Plus with three kids, and full time jobs, we aren’t exactly going to clubs in Hollywood every night, so our daily life won’t be too interrupted by not living here in So Cal. We will miss the beach, but can always visit (and our wallets will be a little bigger when we do!)

I hope this blog post puts some of you questioning our judgement at ease. When you are a family truly working together and looking to God for guidance, it doesn’t always make much sense to others. But that’s what faith is I guess, huh? Trusting that our plan isn’t always his plan, and being okay with that.

_Gypsy Hearted Mama

4 thoughts on “Nebraska, Nebraska I love you!

  1. Congrats on the move! I absolutely understand the cost of living portion. You have to do what you feel is worth it and it sounds like this move will be able to give you more time as a family. I guess Idaho is not a contender anymore though, huh? Haha!


  2. Congrats on the move mama! I hear ya on all of those thinhs and I happy tou and your husnband are seeking something better for your family ❤ good luck!


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