DIY Valentine’s Day Mason Jar

Well if you didn’t already know, crafting and DIY projects are something I usually let the ladies of Etsy handle for me! So I was very excited and nervous when my awesome group of mama blogger friends decided we should all create a Valentine’s Day craft! It was so much fun, and a new tradition I’ll keep up for years to come. So here it is!

I bought all of these items for under $20! I wanted each of my kids to have a jar to decorate for their teacher’s (even though the twins share a teacher!)

Items needed:

Dollar Tree

  1. Mason Jar(s)
  2. Valentines Day foam stickers
  3. valentines day heart stickers
  4. disposanle gloves (optional)


  1. Rust-Oleum glitter Gold spray Paint

First, the kids placed their foam stickers on all the spots of the mason jar they wanted to ”see through” (as the foam stickers will just be peeled off, in order to see inside the jar)

Second, the jars were spray painted outside on the patio. I recommend also purchasing disposable gloves, as this part can get messy. If you don’t have a set place to spray paint, I would also recommend putting a plastic trash bag down, or an old towel to set the jars on once you get to this step.

The jars will then need to dry for a minimum of two hours (so set that time aside as well.)

Once the jars are dry, peel off the foam stickers.

At this point you are done, unless you want to jazz up your jars a little more and add the stickers. The kids had a lot of fun with this step, making their jars unique! We put some candy in each one, and will continue to fill them up with goodies for our teachers we just love!

As a mom of three kids (and twins) I need quick, easy, fun crafts and this was definitely one! If you’re really crafty you could add ribbons, or find other ways to make it your own. I hope you enjoyed this DIY blog and come back soon for many more!

Also check out some talented mama friends of mine below to see the crafts they created:

— Gypsy Hearted Mama

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