Halloween Fun Under $70

Okay, so this entire year has been quite the whirlwind. With news circulating that not all areas will recommend Trick or Treating I knew I had to have a back- up idea for Halloween.

Of course, I headed to Target and Target.com to score some fun stuff and was very impressed with their Hyde and Eek Boutique, which is mainly found in the Bullseye’s Playground. (Otherwise known in my home as the dollar spot!)

Everything pictured totaled out to be less than $70 (Keep in mind the quantity you will need, depending on how many kids you will have) I hope you are inspired and get some good ideas for your own at home party.

The top picture is the ring toss and is $10.00. The rest of it is $6.00 each!

Pictured from top to bottom:

Ring Toss Game- Shaped like Witches hat cones

Halloween Bingo Game

Pin the Skeleton Game

Bean Bag Toss Game

Spider Web Splat Game

All of these games have a fun twist on classic favorites and totally kid-friendly!

Top: $3.00 Bottom: $6.00

This Happy Halloween Paper Banner is so cute and a perfect addition to the party.
The 84”x 60” Pumpkin Toss Halloween Tablecloth has the perfect colors and will go with most classic party decor!

Mummy Bowling Game $10.00

My kids love bowling and this is such a fun game to incorporate into your Halloween fun! There are 10 bowling pins and 2 plastic balls. This is suitable for ages 3 and up!

100 count Orange Indoor/Outdoor Halloween Mini Fairy String Lights $5.00

These cute lights can be hung indoors above your main table, and a fun easy way to spruce up the place!

4 piece Halloween Gift Packaging Set $5.00 each

Social distancing doesn’t have to mean excluding friends from all Halloween activities. You can BOO them! Drop off a bag of goodies for them to include them in all the Halloween fun! This kit comes with a tote bag, a card, and envelope, and a door hanger reading “You’ve been Booed.” Fill the bag up, and customize it for your friends and family members.

All of these baskets pictured above are only $1.00!

The top baskets are fun and colorful, they are also taller than your typical basket. My kids love these ones because of the pink and blue options.

The middle basket is a glow in the dark style and is neon green when placed in a dark setting. If you can trick or treat in your area, this is a fun choice.

The bottom basket is the original basket and so fun. Even if the kids would rather use the other styles, this one is fun to fill with candy or snacks and use as decoration around the house.

This was a grand total of $64.00 (for our three kids) and I love all of it. You can certainly put your own spin on it and grab plates, cups, and snacks to your hearts desire, but I hope this gets the gears in your head turning as a start. No matter how you spend your Halloween, be carefree, stress-free and enjoy the little moments. This year especially, just have fun!

I’ve connected with some amazing Bloggers to share some blogs featuring Halloween At Home. Traditions, ideas, decor, recipes and so much more! Head to each of their blogs to check out what they are sharing.















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