Christmas Gift Guide- Childen’s Books

Oh man. Less than three months away from Christmas and I’m blown away. As wild as this year was, it definitely flew by. So naturally, it’s time to start creating those Christmas lists! We all know what toys our own kiddos are interested in, so I didn’t want to create a guide about toys. Instead, being the bibliophile that I am, a book guide seemed perfect. Keep reading for some ideas on what new and classic books I recommend for kids up to age 10!

  1. Stellaluna

This was my ultimate favorite book as a child! About a bat that gets separated by her family and taken in by a bird, this adventure is a great one! It’s all about friendship and acceptance of differences.

2. Corduroy

This book is definitely a classic! About a bear looking for a home and friends in a big department store. it’s such a great one to teach friendship, hope and of course love.

3. The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This one you may already have in your collection but may be a great choice for a new baby in the family, or possibly to gift to a friend with a little one. About well, a very hungry caterpillar! This book goes through as the caterpillar grows and eats tons of yummy foods until it grows into a beautiful butterfly. This is a great one teaching growth and transformation as well as teaching young readers numbers, colors, and insect biology!

4. Room on the Broom

With Halloween around the corner this one seemed like an obvious fun one to include on the list! About a witch that loses various items and her friends help her find them and save her from danger! A true lesson on friendship and being helpful.

5. Guess How Much I Love You

This book was my little sister’s favorite book when we were little. This book goes through using larger and larger measurements to describe just how much they love each other. it’s a simple and sweet book to gift someone you love.

6. The Office: A Day at Dunder Mifflin Elementary

Okay you guys. I don’t think i’ve ever been THIS excited about a children’s book like ever. Last but certainly not least: Office fans, now you have a book get your little one involved in the obsession lol. This book stars Michael Scott as the line leader at Dunder Mifflin Elementary! This book is a perfect gift and teaches that everyone needs help sometimes!

I will be adding to this list so check back for a guide including some picks for the older children as well!

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