After School Halloween Snacks

I’m always running out of ideas for after school snacks. So I decided to make it a fun afternoon preparing for Halloween, and keeping the snacks on theme! Cookie spiders and tangerine pumpkins is what seemed the easiest! Read below for a semi sweet and semi healthy afternoon/after school snack idea!

What you need:

Cuties Tangerines

Green M&M’s

Pretzel sticks



Candy eyeballs (Walmart is where I purchased mine)

That’s it!

Tangerine Pumpkins:

First you will peel your tangerine, then break a pretzel stick in two and stick one price in the middle of the tangerine opening, next stick the green m&m right next to the pretzel stick. First snack all done!

Cookie spiders:

Open your Oreo container take one out, then take a few pretzel sticks and break them in half, stick the pretzels inside the Oreos (four on each side) to act as the eight spider legs. Then put a small amount of Nutella (or whatever you may have at home to act as glue: melted chocolate works too) on the back of the candy eyeballs. Stick the candy eyeballs on the Oreos, pressing down lightly to make them stick. Then you’re done!

This fun Halloween snack idea is yummy and will be a big hit for the kids! I hope you enjoyed it!

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