Thankful For…

This year has been a rollercoaster to say the least. It’s had us all take a deep look into our lives and forced us to confront some very uncomfortable topics. I see so much divide on social media and just in general, but on the opposite side of that I’m grateful for so much.

I wanted to shake things up and just say what I’m most thankful for right now and that is great relationships. I say relationships over family/friends because there are people in my life I’m thankful for and it isn’t always the traditional “family” you would think.

As we speak, it’s an emotional morning. My baby sister flew out to Nebraska on Monday and is at the airport flying home. Life is just so full of bittersweet moments. How cool though to think that my twenty year old sister could take a plane ride anywhere and she chose to be here with us…THANKFUL. The kids love her, she’s such a sweet and loving sister and I couldn’t be happier to be her big sis.

We moved here under a year ago and we’ve had almost every member (my baby sister has been here twice now) of our immediate family visit. That’s so crazy to me, I feel so loved and just so THANKFUL.

There are quite a few challenges of living in a state and not knowing many people, Our best friends who we moved here for are amazing though. They help with the day to day stuff when our families are so far and the love and support is just wonderful….THANKFUL.

I know the kids miss California. They mention it often. But I believe wholeheartedly this is where we are meant to be right now. Life is all about seasons and chapters of our lives. Nebraska may not be our final chapter but it’s a good one for right now. I look around at what we’ve gained as a family since being here and it’s truly amazing….We just wouldn’tt have this time together if we were still in CA and for that i’m THANKFUL.

Another thing we’ve gained is having actual seasons! We enjoyed the hot summer and swam the days away, experienced the cooler Fall temps and leaves changing and falling, and were so excited at the first snowfall last week…THANKFUL.

We’re all healthy. Man isn’t that a big one these days? I mean with everything going on around us and just really looking at what we have health is high up on the list of things to be THANKFUL for.

And last but certainly not least Jesus! I mean my faith has helped me out of so many devastating periods in my life, To know that I can look to God for peace, comfort, and loves the most amazing feeling. I’m just so THANKFUL for my relationship with God.

I literally could go on all day, because I have learned that in every hardship or trial in your life, there are five other things to be THANKFUL for. Try to remember that when things get hard. Perspective is everything and having a grateful heart will get you through even the worst days and the hardest of times.

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