Affordable Easter Baskets for Multiple Kids

I always see these super chic and adorable Easter baskets on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. With one kid, I could definitely swing it, but now with three it’s just not always possible (or necessary) to splurge on expensive items like that. I also rarely have the time to plan that much in advance, let’s be honest… this twin mama life is wild!

I decided to put together this blog post to give you some ideas of affordable items to add to your baskets!


Baskets: $9 each (Honestly the most expensive part of the whole thing. I saw some between $3-5 but I want to re-use these ones so I opted for the more expensive ones this year.

Books: $5-8 each (I waited until they went on sale, there was a 25% off sale!

Paint your own flowers wood set: $5 each (I only bought one to put one flower in each basket since we have tons of paint here at home. You could do one per kid but they are big packages so I didn’t have room for them in the baskets!

Candy: Sour Patch Kids Eggs $1 each, Ring Pops $1.99 for a pack of 4, gummy bears individual packs $1 each, Nerds rope $1 each.

Then of course you know I had to stop at the dollar tree to fill the rest of the baskets!

Dollar Tree:

Easter eggs $1 for pack of 12

Faux grass: $1 each (There was a lot more inside than I realized so I only needed 2 packs for all 3 baskets)

Chocolate caramel bunnies: $1 each

Airhead minis: $1 for a pack of 12

Colored Pencils: $1 each

Crayons: $1 each

Disney Character Cups: $1 each

I didn’t put any toys in the basket this year because the kids have this thing about picking their own stuff out and I love to empower them to make their own choices. I will be adding a small target gift-card for them to pick out their own item instead.

I spend about $100 total on three Easter baskets for my kids. I think that’s pretty great and hope you do too. Remember, that it’s not the stuff inside the baskets that sticks with them over the years, instead it’s the moments, experiences, and memories of being together most. ✨

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