My Journey to Finding the Right Mattress For My Body & My Smaller Room

*Sponsored by Lull*

 Daniel and I recently decided to get a new mattress when we started re-styling our bedroom. The process of researching a mattress that can fit in a smaller room and has great reviews was tough until we ultimately stumbled upon Lull. With everything going on, I was a little hesitant to get a new mattress in a traditional retail store at this time, but Lull offers no contact, free delivery right to my doorstep. This made getting a new mattress the easiest and safest buying process. Not only that, but the mattress was really easy to unbox and it took only a few minutes. I could hardly believe that a California King size mattress could fit in that small box! 

I have back pain and it can be hard for me to sleep through the night when I don’t have a good mattress. My quality of sleep after switching to Lull has been transformed. Lull Mattresses are made of 3 layers of the highest quality foam, including a gel top layer.  That gel top layer transfers heat away from the body, which helps me to not wake up sweaty or really hot halfway through the night. It also has the right firmness for my back, soft but not too soft and firm but isn’t too firm that it’s uncomfortable. It also bounces back so you don’t feel like you’re stuck or sinking in, while also ensuring even motion distribution so a partner or pet doesn’t wake you up in the middle of the night with their movement. I’ve had that experience with other mattresses and hated it. Usually mattresses are harder for me to get comfortable on since I sleep on my side but that hasn’t been the case with my Lull Mattress. The three-layer technology even promotes healthy spine alignment for added support and more comfortable nights. I’ve started to feel very well rested when waking up in the morning and normally that’s rare! My husband sleeps on his stomach and has the same pleasant sleeping experience. It’s nice to know that no matter what your sleep position is, Lull Mattresses support your body in all the right places.

Not only does my Lull give me the best sleep ever, but it also helped me style my smaller room.

Styling a smaller room can be a challenge, but I have five tips to style up your bedroom while keeping things minimal and inviting.

1. Find the right mattress.We decided to have the mattress/bed be the main focus of our room, because our room really is our sanctuary area of our home. It’s the only room the kids don’t go in and usually the place we curl up and enjoy each other’s company reading, watching movies together etc. Since it isn’t an entertaining area, and instead our relaxing area, we decided on a California King size Lull Mattress to be the focal point of our bedroom.

2. Add another piece of furniture in the room. We went with two smaller end tables. Even with the mattress size we selected, we were able to fit two end tables and have a walking around space. Simple and comfortable was my theme for this room. 

3. Plants make everything better. They help you breathe better, improve your mental well-being and make any room more comfortable. We put our indoor Pothos plant on one of the end tables and it really brightens up the room. I also plan to add a couple of hanging plants to the room in the coming weeks.

4. Add in small home decor items. Find items that are on theme with your room but don’t overpower it, I won’t add anything else except maybe a canvas print on the wall, since I have extensive decor around my house and this room is more simplistic.

5. Keep warmer tones for smaller rooms to open them up. I love tans, browns, light grey, and if you like brighter colors I recommend using softer shades of pink, yellow, blue, green. The bedding I landed on is an earthy green set.

Those are my tips for styling a smaller room! Finding the right mattress for the room was made easy with Lull. I love that this company offers a 365 night risk-free trial, free shipping and returns. I felt at ease knowing that if I didn’t love my Lull Mattress, Lull would give me a full refund. When making a big purchase, it’s so important to feel like the brand respects the aspects mentioned above.  Lull clearly believes in their products by offering these risk-free guarantees and that makes them stand out even more to us, the customers. Not to mention they have over 37,000 raving reviews – I knew I was choosing a mattress that other people are obsessed with and now I am too! A 95% customer satisfaction rate is hard to achieve but they have, so I felt confident I’d love my Lull

Another important aspect to me is that Lull Mattresses are CertiPUR-US®-Certified,which means all materials are non-toxic and non-carcinogenic. As a mama that puts an emphasis on the importance of non-toxic products in my home, this was a huge reason to select Lull over other brands. I would totally recommend Lull to my friends and family because it’s a great company that respects its customers, has great terms, affordable monthly payments options, offers a 10-year limited warranty, provides quality products and believes in those products too. Overall is this  just a wonderful brand! You can order your own Lull Mattress here

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